Square City Tattoos

Jamestown, New York 2 comments

very unprofessional.two different tattoo artists dropped the f-bomb on me!

I wanted a tattoo drawn up for me and they were making me wait for months until they quote-on-quote "had the time to draw it up," and so i demanded a refund. and right as i was walking out the door after getting my money back one night, one of the tattoo artists murmured the F-word and then told me "to go and have fun." I was appaled. I said "excuse me? what did you just say?" and the man said "yeah go and have fun and get out." and then I yelled back, saying how dare he say that after making me wait months just to get a tattoo drawn up, and then a female tattoo artist came out from the back, dropping even more f-bombs for about 3 minutes.

I was then told to get out shortly after.I mean seriously?



It is a tattoo parlor not a church!


I have a hard time believing this review.Sure those guys are always busy when I come in, but that is for a reason, they do great work!

I admit, I have had to wait weeks sometimes to have a picture drawn up because they are so busy, but it always turns out fantastic, and well worth the wait.You must have given them a difficult time, I have never had an experience like that.

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